Health Advisor

What Makes Benefit

Health Advisor Different?

We know that a good benefits plan is important to your business and to your employees. We have made a commitment to be your aid and advocate in every matter. Our clients can attest to our committed service to them. 

Our expertise in navigating an increasingly more

complex insurance

market has made us

successful. But what we really enjoy is making a difference in the organizations of our clients. We want to be your partner that shares in your challenges and is part of your success.

Our Competitive Advantage

1. Lowest Stop Loss Rates in the Industry
  • 35 plus direct markets – Excellent rated carriers
  • Established relationships and leverage in the marketplace
  • Respected and very credible reputation in the industry
  • Experienced in negotiations on high dollar claims
  • Plan document and stop-loss contract coordination 
  • Ensure timely payment of claims, within stop loss contract period

2. Prescriptions

  • Lowest pricing in the industry
  • Dispensing fees, generic and brand pricing, specialty drugs, and mail order
  • Strategies in moving participants to lowest cost drugs
  • Drug utilization reviews and employee education

3. Networks

  • PPO analysis report to ensure highest access to coverage and deepest discounts
  • Out of network discounts
  • Managing high dollar claims

4. Plan Design

  • Plan design consultations
  • Savings simulations
  • Benefit comparisons

5. Administration and Service

  • Competitive administration rates
  • Fair and reasonable compensation for services
  • Employee meetings and regular on-site visits
  • Benchmarking of industry standards and new trend updates
  • Custom reporting packages and benefit reports
  • Strategic planning and claims analysis
  • Issue resolution
  • Legislative and regulatory research and compliance

6. Wellness Programs

  • Custom built to meet client’s needs and cost parameters
  • Value added products to encourage early and cost-effective care

7. Options and Full Service Brokerage Services

  • Partially self-funded plans, both bundled and unbundled
  • Fully insured plans
  • HRAs, HSAs, and flex plans