Health Advisor


The network needs of each employer differ based on location, industry, workforce demographics and other factors. Benefit Health Advisor works with each plan individually to ensure a broad selection of physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities as well as maximum discount



A creative and innovative approach offers employers and employees another opportunity for significant cost savingsWhether it be a wrap-around network to expand accessibility to in-network providers or a network hierarchy to ensure discounts on out-of-network claims, Benefit Health Advisor builds solutions that work for you.


Our analysis allows continuous monitoring of your network and

investigation into how well it meets your access, compliance, and quality objectives.

Network Provider Strategies

A successful Medical Plan requires that members have access to convenient, quality and cost-effective healthcare providers. Our provider network strategy centers on…

  • · Flexibility
  • · Accessibility
  • · Savings

The proliferation of PPO networks of all sizes and shapes has made the process of sorting through them and truly understanding their offering a challenge. Benefit Health Advisor has extensive experience in designing effective network arrangements to maximize accessibility to in-network providers and competitive pricing.

Why is this Important?

The right provider network strategy is critical in lowering claims cost. Effective PPO network management is yet another way to maximize savings and in-network penetration of claims dollars. Benefit Health Advisor has the resources and expertise to deliver the best network solution for our clients, whether it is a national or regional network arrangement or a combination of both. Our approach aims to keep employees satisfied and claims cost low.

What can we do for you?

1. Improve network penetration and savings.

2. Yield deeper PPO discounts.

3. Create network configurations that will broaden access in specific geographies.

4. Improve member satisfaction with greater flexibility and access to network providers.

5. Increase flexibility and simplify complexities.

6. Evaluate the effectiveness of networks on an ongoing basis.

7. Assemble different combinations of networks for single and multi-location employers.