Health Advisor

Stop-Loss Strategy

Benefit Health Advisor provides expert help and the depth of experience to assist you in purchasing the right stoploss coverage. We put that experience to work for you on a consultative basis, stabilizing the fluctuations in your medical claims from year to year and saving you money.

Best Pricing

Benefit Health Advisor ensures every client the absolute best rates by shopping your policy at renewal time. Our portfolio consists of reinsurance carriers with excellent financial ratings. Actively managing and coordinating each renewal results in savings every year. 

At Benefit Health Advisor, we pride ourselves in always negotiating the best possible rates for our clients and maintaining good working relationships with the most competitive reinsurance carriers. Our approach always keeps your interests as our top priority.

Creative Solutions

Self-funding an employee health plan is a great way to provide customized, consistent benefits to your entire workforce. With the right financial controls in place, employers can even receive cash flow benefits to improve their bottom line. 

Benefit Health Advisor tailors stop-loss protection to meet your risk objectives. A detailed analysis of your group dynamics and claims experience allows us to implement the right products and policies to maximize your savings in monthly premiums but also ensure proper coverage. 

Benefit Health Advisor has access to the most innovative product offerings that will ensure flexibility in options and the right fit for your organization. Allow us to find a creative solution that works for you.