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“I refer to Benefit Health Advisor as my ‘easy button’. The kind of personal service Benefit Health Advisor offers is rare but it is refreshing to work with people who really care about others and are not just there for a paycheck.”

– SH, HR Manager

“Benefit Health Advisor’s knowledge and experience has been a vital asset to our company.  They continually conduct thorough analysis of plan design and use creative techniques to cut costs without cutting benefits.”

-AK, HR Director





“I would highly recommend Benefit Health Advisor to any Plan Administrator who is looking for assistance in maintaining and controlling health plan costs.”


“Benefit Health Advisor’s professionalism, expertise, and caring have contributed to our success in numerous ways – from health plan evaluation and research to compliance and cost savings.  Their customer service and quality of work are outstanding.”

– VP, HR Manager

“Benefit Health Advisor is uniquely focused on the individual needs of their clients and the one-on-one service levels they offer have been extremely helpful to Whiting Petroleum. I would highly recommend Benefit Health Advisor for any company looking for personalized, trustworthy and cost-effective benefits services.” 

– HD, VP of HR

“Benefit Health Advisor has always provided exceptional service. They have never provided any advice that was not in the best interest of our company or our employees.”

– DP, Managing Partner

“Good Times Restaurants has been a client of Benefit Health Advisor for many years now. We have always received attentive and personalized support from their team that has helped us maintain a very competitive benefit plan. I would strongly recommend the BHA team – they have been one of our strongest business partners. Their advice has been invaluable.”


“Benefit Health Advisor helped us to successfully navigate the transition to a partially self-funded benefits plan, providing invaluable guidance to our Management, HR and Wellness Departments as well as to our employees as questions have arisen about our Health Insurance Policy.

Through BHA’s approach, we were able to add enhanced benefits this year. With regular communication, BHA has kept us informed about industry changes and how our plan compares to norms so that we can keep the plan operating successfully going forward. Working with the staff at BHA has been a rewarding and positive experience. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and quick to respond with results.”

  • BI, CEO
“As the Chief Financial Officer of a publically traded small-cap corporation, I rely very heavily on the advice that we receive from Benefit Health Advisor. BHA has helped design, implement and negotiate our self-insured employer-sponsored health plans. The experience and knowledge that BHA provides is truly impressive. They are educators, negotiators, innovators and true client and client employee advocates.

There are many insurance advisors available to advise clients as a profession. However, there are few insurance advisors that are true professionals-the members of the BHA team are truly professionals that don’t show up once a year at renewal time, but professionals that live and breathe your needs throughout the plan year.”


  • MM, CFO

“The guidance we get from Benefit Health Advisor is invaluable.  From plan design to compliance to claims review they always have suggestions that help us provide best-in-class benefits without breaking the bank.” 


Benefit Health Advisor assisted us in putting together a wellness program that gives employees a chance to live healthier lives and be rewarded for their efforts. This program has changed many lives within the company and the response from employees has been fantastic. It has been one of the best things we have done as a company in years.”


“Approximately 15 years ago, we were a typical company, changing health plans every two to three years. Since that time, we have been with one company. Benefit Health Advisor has been instrumental in our overall satisfaction with our health insurance needs. We appreciate the professionalism, customer service, experience, and overall sense that we finally have an advocate in our corner and not just someone trying to sell us insurance. Benefit Health Advisor has freed up my time and eliminated one portion of the business that I never enjoyed dealing with. The BHA approach has enabled Art Castings to provide a very rich health insurance plan while keeping our costs competitive.”

– TW, General Manager


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